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Our Solutions

Costs Reduce

An essential tool for marking every fleet more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business and government to do more with less.

Fleet Operation

Fleet may cross boundaries, enter low speed zones, become disabled, or arrive at a landmark destination - all tranparently to the fleet operations team.


In case of emergency, an activation notifies responders and tells them where to go, in time to make a difference.

Cross Platform

Web and mobile applications for fleets and so it can be used from any computer and smart phone anywhere, anytime.

What We Offer


  • View the exact location of every fleet in real time polling location-based-information

    Evaluate fleet performance based on speed violations, engine on-time, fleet idling, distance travelled and number of stops

    Color coding fleets and grouping indication allow you to manage your fleet and driver easily

    Provide route information based on visual landmarks POI (Place of Interested)

    Proactive support that can keep your fleet operating in top condition

    Assigned virtual fleet manager to keep you informed on a regular basis

    Manage Your Fleet Location
    Real time dashboard view allows you to assess from a single screen and evaluate based on criteria events and exact location of every fleet

  • Panic button enables the driver to contact the control center in the event of any emergency

    Trigger alerts for speed limit violations, harsh driving, long idling, hot spot entry or exit

    Unauthorized fleet use when engine started outside of work hours, driver ID tag not detecting

    FleetTracker protection features when being tempered, GPS signal interrupted, power cut off

    Remote fleet immobilization can be deployed via mobile or web applications

    Manage Your Fleet On The Field
    Keep in control of your fleet with real time alerts via SMS / Email

  • Conveniently locate the closest fleet to any specific job site and assign accordingly

    Keep track of numerous information of your order such as location status, journey activities, estimated arrival time, dispatch status etc.

    Manage Your Dispatch Order
    Keep you update of the dispatch information

  • Trigger alerts for fleet idling over the set threshold, fuel significant drop etc.

    Matching the refuel transaction with petrol card information

    Fuel card usage summary of entire fleet as well as details data on each fleet information

    Manage Your Fleet's Fuel Usage
    Assists in mismanagement, wastage or transaction abuse to thus reduce operation costs

  • Keep track of your fleet maintenance schedule according to distance, duration or date depending on type of service needed.

    Maintain a historical record of all services works carried out (schedule / ad-hoc maintenance, inspection, accident etc).

    Handy reminder for next schedule maintenance.

    Manage Your Fleet Maintenance
    Keep your fleet in top condition and reduce breakdown

  • Keep a record of driver's travel routes, driving speed, engine start-up and shutdown, idling time and more.

    Monitor engagement and disengagement transaction of trailer locations, dispatch information.

    Handy reminder for driver license renewal, trailer collection.

    Manage Your Driver, Trailer Performance
    Identify each driver and trailer of your fleet via specified ID

  • Generate listing, statistic and analysis reports for journey, exceptional events, driver, trailer, dispatch, temperature, maintenance etc.

    Reports are automatic generated on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    Exportable in csv, pdf, text format.

    Manage Your Fleet Reporting
    Provides many tailored reports to meet special needs of your fleets

  • Journey with temperature reading on each data polling interval

    Trigger when the temperature rises or falls beyond a set threshold, air con power is shut down

    Manage Your Cargo With Temperature Monitoring
    Safeguard your cargo by monitor the temperature reading

Key Accessories

  • Driver Identification
  • Trailer Identification
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Door Sensors Integration
  • Programmable Functional Buttons
  • Remote Immobilization
  • Backup Battery

Fleet Access

Easy Fleet Management Access

  • Fleet Access provides a module for easy monitoring of the entire fleet management system via finger navigation.
  • Manage unlimited web and mobile users by assignment group of fleets to monitor, receiving alert notification, fleet controls and module access.
  • Control fleet user access for certain period and/or all time.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with the web and mobile app acces.

Transit Solution

  • Estimated Time of Arrival System
  • Estimated Time of Departure System
  • Iphone Apps (iPlanner)
  • Trip Planner
  • Bus Monitoring Control Center

About us:

CTB Fleet Management Solutions is an expert in providing flexible integrated GPS fleet management solutions for various industries. Our in-house development team works closely with clients to customise end-to-end solutions from hardware and software design till hosting.

Our key services are the CTB Fleets Data Security and CTB Fleets Assist, both offering unique and powerful solutions for different needs.


CTB Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

35-3, 3rd Floor, Jalan Bandar 16, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: (603) 5885 0382

Website: http://ctbsolutions.com.my

CTB Fleets Data Security

  • Receives real-time data relayed through the GSM network.
  • Allows enterprise users to conveniently log onto a hosted internet portal to retrieve and interpret information about their fleets.
  • Data access is customer controlled through password security using SSL sessions for data encryption.
  • The Fleet Management Solution Back End System is located in a secure, environmentally controlled data center, manned and operated 24 hours a day 7 days a week by skilled technicians.
  • The facility is secured by biometric sensors, CCTB battery and generator backup.

CTB Fleets Assist

  • Offers proactive support that can keep your fleet operating in top condition.
  • Assigned virtual fleet manager to keep you informed on a regular basis.
  • Dedicated team staffed exclusively by CTB Fleet Management System members with keen understanding of our solutions and your business.
  • Inclusive of rapid online and hotline support.
  • Option to tailor a program to meet your unique requirements.